The Netherlands' largest and most beautiful garden idea park

Welcome to De Tuinen van Appeltern

'A garden should be one of the pleasures that make life more comfortable, a place where you can relax, work, play, be together with others and enjoy all the good and healthy things in life. A garden is one of the prime necessities of life, a place where you will be happy to spend your time'.

Our garden information park has been laid out in a way that will give you inspiration and help you with your own garden. A walk through our 23-hectare park is an experience for all your senses. The quiet, the space and the nature ensure a great day out. You will return home full of ideas and hopefully able to take even more pleasure from your garden.

What does De Tuinen van Appeltern have to offer?

  • More than 200 model gardens
  • The third Appeltern Garden Festival
  • The largest collection of plants in the Netherlands
  • National Fixed Plant Garden
  • Delightful restaurants and outdoor cafés
  • Lounge gardens
  • Informal advice at weekends
  • A vast sculpture garden
  • A charming plant market
  • A treasure trail for the little ones
  • The latest garden trends
  • Natural decorations
  • Natural playing ground for children
  • All information about products, plants, horticulturalists and designers

We believe that it is always an important part of all these experiences that we make sure that all this beauty is applicable in your own garden. Together with the Exclusively Selected Gardeners we developed the ‘Four Requirements for Enjoying your Garden’.