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De Tuinen van Appeltern
Walstraat 2a, 6629 AD Appeltern (The Netherlands)
The Netherlands' largest and most beautiful garden idea park

The Netherlands' largest and most beautiful garden idea park

Welcome to De Tuinen van Appeltern

'A garden should be one of the pleasures that make life more comfortable, a place where you can relax, work, play, be together with others and enjoy all the good and healthy things in life. A garden is one of the prime necessities of life, a place where you will be happy to spend your time'.

Our garden information park has been laid out in a way that will give you inspiration and help you with your own garden. A walk through our 23-hectare park is an experience for all your senses. The quiet, the space and the nature ensure a great day out. You will return home full of ideas and hopefully able to take even more pleasure from your garden.

New for 2014: The Appeltern audio tour

We offer free audio tours to everyone who is interested in the story behind our park and who wants extra explanations about the gardens. It is a useful tool which gives you the information in which you are interested en route. You can collect the audio guide when you arrive at the reception. You will also be given information explaining how to use the guide.


The fifth Appeltern Garden Festival In 2014 De Tuinen van Appeltern is once again organising the Appeltern Garden Festival. A five year anniversary! In 2010 we started looking into a new project aimed at demonstrating (and possibly even stimulating) the creativity of garden architects and designers. This ended up being the Appeltern Garden Festival. The first four editions were extremely successful and inspiring. Each year a theme is chosen. In 2014 the theme is: “DREAMING OF HOLLAND”. This theme can be interpreted in both a literal and abstract sense, with an artistic focus or even a political one. The designers were asked to give their own interpretation to what they understood “Dreaming of Holland” to mean. The selection committee selected no less than 11 of the designs submitted. The 11 new gardens will be open for viewing from June 2014.

The Wilde Weelde Wereld garden The Wilde Weelde Wereld garden will be developed and completed in 2014 in collaboration with the Wilde Weelde professionals. It is a garden of almost 5000 m2 with a viewing point on a hill.

You can discover which plants grown in different biospheres. We will show you how the ideas behind Wilde Weelde can be applied in your own garden and also put to use in green spaces for, for example, the elderly, the disabled and children. The garden is sustainable and uses unexpected materials.

The design will be constructed by a number of larger companies within Wilde Weelde.

The Living Garden The opening of the Living Garden makes us very proud and happy. The Living Garden brings together all aspects of sustainable and living gardens in a transparent fashion. The garden is made up of five themed circles. Each circle has its own theme: ‘good for small animals’, ‘a second life’ (i.e. re-use of materials and plants), ‘taste and smell’, ‘a longer life’ (sustainability) and 'better for all of us’ (sustainability).